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Sunday, April 13, 2008
Head and Heart
Just read Mark 6:34-44, you can read it here. It got me thinking of how we view resources. When I say resources, I am not just talking about money or material resources, but time, energy, wisdom, knowledge, as well as other things. In this passage Jesus expands the present resources to far exceed the needs of the people. The disciples were not sure what to think, even after it happened, because it doesn't make much sense when this type of thing happens.

We have all grown up to learn basic math skills accompanied by an unconscious understanding of the law of physics. In our world resources are scarce, although not so much in America, even so, we know that when something is gone it is gone. Yet Jesus breaks these aforementioned rules of creation and stands them on their head. The resources that these disciples posessed seemed limited but turned out to be so much more in the hands of the one in which "all things were created".

Now to me. My wife and I have been talking today about where God might be leading us in a few ways, and quite frankly I have looked in the basket and there just doesn't seem to be enough bread and fish to feed these dreams. I am very much a "seeing is believing" type of person, although I try to see with eyes of faith. I have a history of being "skeptical" about the miraculous even when it happens to me. Don't get me wrong, my theology holds within it an understanding of God's miraculous ways. I believe he can heal, mend, create, fix, provide, give wisdom, and much more. But I think the problem with this is where the belief comes from: my head.

I overheard a very wise woman today saying to group of people that true faith is in the head and the heart. If it is only in the head it doesn't work. Sure we can know with our heads that God can do anything, but do we believe with our hearts? So, I know (intellectually) that God is fully capable of taking what little time, resource, and energy Tif and I have and expanding it in an unexplainable way, breaking all the rules of physics and the space time continuum, because he is by definition God. But do I believe with my heart? This is a whole other leap. Knowing requires an understanding of theological concepts. Believing demands an investment of expectation. Can I expect something that seems so unlikely up against the laws of nature?

So, I pray today that God help my heart catch up with, teach, and compliment my head. For it is in both that faith is born. We can't do with out either.

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posted by Ben Thomas @ 10:34 PM  
  • At 4/15/2008 12:50 AM, Blogger Amanda said…

    I echo this prayer. I think I spend so much time wanting to acquire the head knowledge. In the end, it will leave me empty if I don't search with my heart....

    Thanks for sharing, bro.

  • At 4/15/2008 9:18 AM, Blogger ben said…

    I hope you know who that "wise woman" was. She is pretty wise. I need to tell her that more often.

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