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Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Snowed In

We got close to 10 inches of snow yesterday, and with the drifting, it is upto 3 feet in some places. I spent all morning blowing snow from our driveway.

As I was blowing the snow, and the wind blew mists of it back into my face, I had this overwhelming urge to be somewhere tropical. Somewhere that I could wear shorts, and no shirt, having to worry about getting a sunburn, not digging myself out of a snow bank. I guess I can dream and look at pictures of warm places. I like the seasons, but too much snow gets to me. Drags me down a bit.

Last fall my alma mater, Asbury Theological Seminary, went through a messy situation where the president was fired, for some reason. I spent some of the past few snow days reading some posts on an alumni website that explained some of the situation. It seems that there might have been a difference between the president and the chair of the board. It was kind of ugly.

It brought back feelings from the past year and a half. Feelings I thought I was getting over. I realize that maybe you never "get over" those feelings, but you learn to live with them; allowing them to make you a better person, and able to deal with others better. When I read how the president seemed to be treated negatively, it struck a cord with me. But then I read a post by Keith Drury that reminded me that in Christian love we are never supposed to break relationships. We can have disagreements, even oppose each other on certain issues, but we are kept together by Christian love.

I don't feel like I have kept my relationship with the individual who hurt me. I wonder what I am supposed to do to keep that relationship. I really don't feel like calling him. I am and have been asking God to help me to see him with his eyes, not mine.

Sometimes these feelings can be heavy and hard to dig out from under. Kind of like the snow.

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posted by Ben Thomas @ 10:34 AM  
  • At 2/14/2007 3:23 PM, Blogger John Wesley said…

    I should like to offer my most humble salutations and felicitations on this festal day of St. Valentine. I have the highest regard for our community, the “Methoblog” and wish we could make acquaintance under more auspicious circumstances as I am sure that these acquaintances may yet become a valuable and enriching friendship as we exhort and instruct each other to be conformed in the image of Christ.

    I remain God’s most humble servant,

    John Wesley

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