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Thursday, January 04, 2007
I keep saying that I will do better with the posting. I guess I am what I am. We'll see if I can be any more consistent. That is why I am starting again.

The Holidays are over, and I am excited. It is sad to say that I am excited that Christmas is over, but it feels so unnatural to me. It feels like Christmas has become something other than what it was meant to be. Maybe that is my own fault. Maybe I allow for it to be different than it should. Running here and there; stressing about money and buying presents; and trying to appease all of the family so no one gets their feelings hurt. And the is out of control.

I know...I sound like those "Kooks" that want to hang Santa, but I just feel in my gut that there is something not right with many of the ways we celebrate that holiday. "The world has changed, and can see it in the water...and none are left that once knew how it was." I think that is a close quote from the already overly quoted movie "Lord of the Rings". But I think it helps describe my feelings when it comes to Christmas.

Well, this is a generalization, for there were great parts to this Holiday season, and I am sure this doesn't apply to all of you. I hope your Christmas was joyous, relaxing, and real. Now on to the New Year.
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