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Friday, June 29, 2007
Politics and the Disciple

"Our only authority is the Cross, not the Sword. And when we pick up the Sword, we put down the Cross." - Greg Boyd

Greg Boyd has an interesting post on the role of the church in relation to politics and the state posted on his blog, here. There are many things I could say here, but wonder if there are any thoughts, to which I will reply.
posted by Ben Thomas @ 4:13 PM  
  • At 7/05/2007 4:45 PM, Blogger Amanda said…

    So, I looked up those verses and I have no idea where Davies is getting anything. It would be interesting to heard the whole debate. Good to see you finally took one of your little sis's suggestions and checked out Boyd. I know you'll like him...

  • At 7/06/2007 10:36 AM, Blogger ben said…

    Hey Sis,
    I think I must have linked to Boyd's blog, not the specific article, so I think your comment is in regards to a different post. With that it mind, I agree with what you are saying.

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